Think artificial grass and you conjure up images of bright green plastic sheets that are hard on the feet. Thankfully those days have long gone, and artificial grass has come a long way since then. Now it is visually the same as real grass and feels much more pleasant underfoot than before. Add to that a list of other unique benefits and you begin to see why so many people are opting for this alternative to decking and paving for their gardens.

Natural Looking

An artificial lawn is designed to look as good and as realistic as a real lawn. You can decide exactly how you want it to look so that it blends with your local conditions. There are two-tone and tri-tone coloured options available and you can select from a range of piles from sleek urban chic to a more rustic country-style. always manicured, always looking its best, you will be the envy of the neighbourhood with an artificial lawn.

Pet and Child Safe

Artificial grass is alot more durable than normal grass and will take the strains of cats and dogs, little feet and footballs with no problems. No more muddy shoes or clothes and kids can play as actively as they want on its tough and durable surface. Your pets and other wildlife will treat the artificial grass exactly the same as the real thing. Artificial grass is completely permeable and is extremely easy to clean. Also dont forget with artificial grass there are no more horrible yellow patches!

Durable and Soft

Artificial grass is, as already been mentioned, hard-wearing. It is made from tough materials but will still feel as soft and realistic underfoot as a real lawn. Resistant to everything modern life can throw at it, as well as impervious to weeds and resistant to drought and insect damage, artificial lawns will look as good in ten years as they did when they were first laid.

A clean Lawn all the time

Let the animals out and clean the kitchen floor with no worries about muddy paw prints when they come back in. Let the children loose as soon as the rain ends and they will come back inside exhausted and dirt free. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, simple to look after and the perfect solution for a busy family who have much better things to do than spend all day mowing and tending to the grass.

No dry patches

Trees, animals, children and plants can all take a toll on your lawn. In the height of summer the sun can dry it out turning it a nasty brown, while in winter it becomes a muddy bog. With artificial grass you will never have those problems again. It is always green, regardless of what is growing nearby and despite everything the weather, your pets and the kids can throw at it.

Simple to look after

Lay an artificial lawn and you can sell the lawn mower and empty the shed of weed killer and grass food. In fact the shed will become your summer house and be the backdrop to your garden parties and barbecues, and after the parties, there is no need to worry about the state of the lawn because it will still look as good as it did before the party started.


Real grass requires annual maintenance and weekly trimming in the growing season. A lot of commitment when you have a busy life and just want to get out and relax during your down-time. Artificial grass is UV resistant, colour fast and comes with guarantees of 6 years. With an expected lifespan of twenty years, the most you will have to do is sweep off the leaves from the trees in winter!

Nose Safe

Hayfever is on the increase and grass seeds are one of the main culprits. Laying artificial grass, however, can ease all that suffering because you are removing one of the main causes of hayfever – your grass. By laying artificial grass you will be able to get outside once again and enjoy the garden whatever the pollen count.

Extremely Versatile

Whether you put your artificial lawn in the front or back garden (or both), or use it for a commercial event, as a backdrop to a marquee or underfoot in a playground, and artificial lawn will work in any situation, you can even lay them indoors to bring that touch of quirkiness and fun to the playroom or teenage chill room.

Artificial grass for schools

No mud, Low maintenance and Looks great all year round. Our artificial grass has no sharp fixings and no timber products, which makes a safe and long lasting installation, ideal for any School or Nursery.